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Sunday, December 21, 2008


ABOUT THE BOOK Before the Season Ends

England, 1813
Romantic woes at home send Ariana Forsythe to her Aunt Bentley’s town house in the fashionable Mayfair district of London. There she finds worse troubles than those that prompted her flight from home. Under her aunt’s watchful eye, Ariana is soon steeped in high society—and at odds with Mr. Phillip Mornay, London’s current darling rogue.

Then, unexpectedly, rumour of a scandal changes Ariana forever. Her faith and her future are at stake in an unexpected adventure that gains even the Prince Regent’s attention.

Will Ariana’s faith survive this test? And what about her heart? For it is Ariana’s heart that most threatens to betray the truths she has always believed in. When she finds herself backed against a wall, betrothed to a man who cannot share her faith, how can it ever turn out right?

This book is generating great praise among Regency romance lovers. Janice LaQiere of Logos Book Reviews says: “In the vein of Jane Austen, Burkard weaves a delightful world, rich with detail. Her characters spring to life as they deal with their own struggles and prejudices.” I haven't read it yet but have it on my Christmas list.

Linore Rose Burkard delights in bringing Regency England to life with Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul. After self-publishing her first novel, Before the Season Ends, Harvest House Publishers snatched up her book and she now writes exclusively for them. Linore's books give readers the sense of visiting the Regency while bringing a message of hope in character-driven stories that delight and inspire. A longtime fan of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, Linore's desire is to provide quality historical fiction with a Christian worldview and "happy endings only!" Born and raised in NYC, Linore now lives in Ohio with her husband and five children, and is a member of FHL-RWA, ACFW, Christian Authors' Network, and other organizations.

More of what Linore has to say about her books:

England in the 1800s is a world away from the 21st century. What do you think we could learn today from how society operated in the Regency period?

Times have changed, but people haven't. Men and women of the time were concerned with their appearances, their finances, their futures, finding the right spouse, and so on, just as we are, today. How they went about pursuing these ends is where all the difference lies, however, and this is precisely where the interest and adventure opens up for writers. Bringing to life the means and methods of everyday life and timeless concerns from the regency. It is fun and enlightening as a glimpse into the past, but readers can also identify with the basic human need to be genuinely loved for onself, no matter the setting or time period, and to be certain of one’s convictions concerning life, eternity, and faith. Having said that, it is good to remind modern readers that valuing one’s purity can be mainstream, as it was then; or that the struggle to find a true love and a sense that one’s life has value, has always been a human issue.

What do you hope readers will take away from your books?
I hope my readers will feel as though they've been transported to the Regency for a good, satisfying visit; While they’re visiting, they’ll be reminded that God is involved in their life, and that happy endings are possible for everyone.


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Blogger Linore Rose Burkard said...

What a lovely blog you have, Louise! Thank you for letting me visit. One thing I didn't mention in the post is that one important element of any true regency is: FUN! Yes, there are lessons and a yes,timeless truths, but no romance can be called a regency if it doesn't have that all-important repartee of wit and fun alongside the elegance and manners and costumes.

I'm glad I'm on your reading list! I think you'll love Ariana!


December 21, 2008 12:39 PM  
Blogger Martha A. said...

I would love to win this book! I love Jane Austen's books and actually wanted to buy this one, and the local bookstores did not have it, so maybe I will win one or have to order it online!

I hope you get more entries!

December 21, 2008 4:08 PM  
Blogger Linore Rose Burkard said...


I hope you win, but if you don't, go back to your local bookstore. The book was released on December 1, so maybe they just hadn't got it in yet. And if you go and they don't have it, please ask them to order it! (But they should have it.)

Another idea for anyone reading is to ask your library to purchase one.

Thanks, and I look forward to mailing out a signed copy to the winner!

December 21, 2008 10:02 PM  
Blogger Kacy Barnett-Gramckow said...

A CBA regency novel? Hooray! BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS is now on my "must read" list.

Congrats, Linore.

December 21, 2008 10:21 PM  
Blogger Terri Kraus said...

All the best on the release of your book, Linore. A lover of all things English and an Austen fan, I would love to read your book. Congratulations!

December 22, 2008 9:49 AM  
Blogger Susan Page Davis said...

Sounds like an interesting read, Louise! Love regency era novels done well.

December 22, 2008 11:27 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Ok, now you have me pulled in by your book description and I want to read the book. Hope I win.


December 22, 2008 1:52 PM  
Blogger Tanya said...

Count me in please! :)

lluscombe at execulink dot com

December 23, 2008 9:25 PM  
Blogger Martha A. said...

I will go back and look! My library takes forever to buy books. but I will put it on the request to buy list too as they always need more better books! I posted about the giveaway on my blog too!

December 24, 2008 1:49 AM  
Blogger remnant reminscences said...

I've heard so much about this book. I was waiting for it's release when I heard its resonates the regency era.

please enter me for a chance to win!

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

December 25, 2008 2:12 PM  
Blogger Miralee Ferrell said...

I'm so tickled I stumbled on your blog and got to read the write up for this new Regency romance. I love this time period and would enjoy getting acquainted with a new author. Blessings on the awesome adventure you're embarking on with Harvest House!

Miralee Ferrell

miralee at gorge dot net

December 25, 2008 3:59 PM  
Blogger Julie Lessman said...

Louise and Linore -- thank you for the opportunity to win this exciting book -- I've heard such good things about it!

Julie Lessman

gsus at charter dot net

January 2, 2009 9:00 AM  
Blogger Sandee61 said...

I would love to read this book. I hope i can still be added to your giveaway? Thank you!



January 2, 2009 9:01 AM  
Blogger Becky C. said...

This sounds like a wonderful book, and I would love to read it.

Please enter me in the contest.

Thank you,

Becky C.


January 2, 2009 1:17 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I haven't read this and would love to! Please enter me.

jessica_nelson7590(at) yahoo(dot) com

January 2, 2009 1:40 PM  
Blogger Joyce said...

Thanks for having a give away.
I love reading a good book, especially when there is all this beautiful snow outside.

January 2, 2009 5:43 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I know you have enough comments by now, but I'd love to be included too! I grew up on Georgette Heyer ... :-)

shenandoahdawn AT comcast DOT net

January 2, 2009 6:38 PM  
Blogger Moriah said...

This book looks really good. I'd love books in this time period and it be great to add to my book collection.

January 2, 2009 6:39 PM  
Blogger peachykath said...

Please include me in the drawing!

January 2, 2009 8:08 PM  
Blogger Pat I. said...

Hi Louise--

Have returned to say what a beautiful site this is, (all is well with the account :)--love historicals and really hope I can win Linore's book! Pat I.

January 3, 2009 11:34 AM  
Blogger pattyg said...

Sounds like a book I'd love to read. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!
Blessings to all.

January 3, 2009 11:37 AM  
Blogger southernsassygirl said...

Louise, please sign me up for the drawing as well. I really appreciate it!


orca0024 at yahoo dot com

January 4, 2009 12:45 AM  

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