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Friday, October 10, 2008

Eve. Myth and legend surround her in mystery. Now hear her story.

Recently I read the most amazing novel about our first mother, Eve. I am delighted to feature Havah here, along with my endorsement AND a book giveaway.

This is our Beginning, deeply, richly, beautifully imagined, lifting our hearts in worship to the One who Is.

From paradise to exile, from immortality to the death of Adam, experience the dawn of mankind through the eyes of Eve—the woman first known as Havah.

Words from Tosca Lee:
Why I wrote it--I like examining conventional wisdom and staple stories – which have become woven into the fabric of our culture so thoroughly as to be taken for granted – in a new light. I don’t like comic-booky characters, villains or protagonists—whether they be red-horned demons or, in Havah’s case, the first woman of Genesis. No one—including demons, humans, or God, are that two-dimensional.

About the name “Havah”--“Havah” is the Hebrew name for Eve. I’ve drawn on nontransliterated names for her family members as well in this rendering, mostly to help escape the cliché images that spring to mind when one hears “Adam and Eve,” or “Cain and Abel.” The one name that remains mostly the same is Adam’s, as “Ha-adam,” meaning merely “man from the (red) earth.” Though we are told Eve’s proper name in the Genesis account, we are never given a proper name for Adam. He was literally… “The Man.”

What I want readers to take away--That sense of “Oh!” at what that perfect communion with God, and with another human might have been like. As I envisioned it, in writing it, I sometimes sighed. I hope there are moments like that for Havah’s readers. I want them also to think, “Haha—I have felt that way before toward my spouse/children/chores.” Regardless of the age, some aspects of life really don’t change. We all have moments of bliss, of feeling taken for granted, of heartbreak and hope.

It was important to me to write this story, too, because frankly, Eve has long been vilified for her role in this story. But both Eve and her mate were culpable. And while all of humanity is fallen because of it, women throughout history have suffered varying degrees of guilt, suspicion, and even abuse because of this story. That, alone, merits close scrutiny. It is my belief, especially for those who consult scriptures for guidelines on daily living, that we have a moral obligation to delve deeper than we have into what exactly happened here.

To enter a drawing to win a copy of Havah, leave a comment AND your email address.

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